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Floor installation instructions

2018/9/15 8:57:54

On the A-type floor:

1.Laying keel: the keel and the ground must have a reliable fixed keel ,installation spacing should be less than600mm, keel pavement must be level.

2. Paving the decking: the first floor of the installation of the starting side with screws directly fixed on the keel,after the adjacent, two between the floor with special fasteners inserted into the floor on both sides of the groove.

On the A-type floor: adjust the floor spacing of 5mm, the fastener will be fixed on the keel with screws

On the B-type floor:

      First, the fastener into the side of the floor before a groove and by tight, and then use the screws to fasten the keelon the keel, after a floor side slot aligned with the front has been installed with fastener force Insert and close, thelast floor of the tail side must be fixed directly on the keel with screws.

1. This product is used for park path, trestle, platform, trails and other places. After paving, avoid rubbing againstsharp objects or being squeezed by heavy objects


2. Decking pavement finished, the floor surface should be kept clean, the presence of sediment debris should bepromptly removed.


3. The first maintenance should be carried out within three months after paving. After every six months to do amaintenance, the surface clean, brushing the reorganization of bamboo flooring special protective coating.4. Decking used for a period of time, the surface will produce small cracks, is a normal phenomenon.


4. Should try to avoid human skin directly contact with the floor to prevent the floor with a small burr stab wounds.For the pool next to the skin can not be avoided in direct contact with the place, the floor surface cracks often haveto be checked whether there is a glitch, if any, should be promptly polished with sandpaper to remove burrs.