About Us

Ningguo Kuntai Bamboo and Wood Co.,Ltd is located in Ningguo,Xuancheng city,Anhui Province,which is the "Bamboo Village" ,where large quantites of bamboo plants grow.

"Huihuang Bamboo" established in the year 2002,now set up large manufacture site in Anhui,a modern factory named KUNTAI  with covering 30000 square meters.

KUNTAI a professional manufacturer of outdoor strandwoven bamboo decking,bamboo flooring,bamboo wall-cladding and siding,bamboo panels,plywood and bamboo boards,bamboo timbers and beams,bamboo ceiling and roof,bamboo garden furniture.

We have gained the certificates of FSC,CE,SGS ,ISO9001.ISO4001.

We are the holder of US Patent for outdoor bamboo decking (No.US11148318),and  authorized manufacturer and exporter by the US patent in China.

Clients and customers are Welcome to visit our factory!

Manufacturing process

Why are we professional?

  • Material

    The standard of selecting moso bamboo is strict,we should pay more attention to moso bamboo's age ,color,length,width,thickness and so on.We have special order for supplier of the moso bamboo.

  • Glue

    We make glue by self ,we should and must control the quality of glue ,making it be eco-friendly and best for bonding strength of strand woven bamboo.

  • Research

    Since 2005,we have payed attention to research on the problems of the decking , such as crack, delamination,and black-mold....So far,we can totally solve these problems.

  • Coating

    Since 2005,we have tried about 40 kinds of coating to protect the decking from rain and sunshine.Now we have achieved this point.

Engineering Case

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